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Carrying the twenty-two years of long friendship, from the start of a beautiful friendship to becoming business partners achieving another milestone together.

Our goal at creatorz is to provide mesmerizing event’s that would give our clients & their guests an impactful experience of celebrations a kind of event’s that will give beautiful memory for lifetime. Our main aim at creatorz is to provide highest standards of customer service to our clients, whether it’s small or grand event we ensure you that you will get our utmost attention and effort. 

We put our core moral values at high preference and our team at creatorz events are Integrity and accountability. Doing the right thing and thrive to get results is above all that matters to our company. It’s “You” who we work to please and to do up and beyond your expectation. We at creatorz are proud that we create events that are constantly evolving, shaping and we are often creating new designs our company and the experience we create to meet the demands of our industry while our values remain 

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We have most wounderfull creative team, striving to create most elegent decor.



Rupali Arora

Vise President

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